Redefine, advance and empower the business of social change.

Corral Consulting is Los Angeles’ premiere private business consulting firm for interim executive management and comprehensive business solutions that leverage new opportunities to sustain financial growth and optimize social impacts.

Corral Consulting’s work ethic is:

As Angelinos, we believe that being raised in Los Angeles’ culture of diversity positions Corral Consulting at a strategic advantage to relate to, inform, and advance our client’s business objectives.

We believe that by building collaboration, trust, and respect, we empower our clients to more efficiently lead and sustain their business.

We believe that consulting is an effective and much needed tool to harness the social impact potential of business.

About Us
Corral Consulting is a network of distinguished professionals from Los Angeles, whose comprehensive marriage of skills, relationships and content expertise inform solutions that promote business efficacy and sustainability.

We consult executives and businesses across all sectors, with an eye for social change. Our tailored business strategies prioritize organizational capacity building in order to empower our clients beyond our engagement. We enhance our clients’ business model to meet their specific needs, and equip and enable them to apply lessons learned to create lucrative and sustainable businesses.

Our Story

Corral Consulting developed out of the insightful vision of Richard Xavier Corral, who while in graduate school at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs, discovered an interest in consulting, yet realized that most of the major firms did not serve the diverse and underserved communities he identifies with.

To help empower these communities’ social change agenda, Richard embarked on a mission to personally consult the businesses serving these communities. He created a business model and platform that assembles professionals with diverse skills, content expertise and networks to provide a comprehensive suite of business services. Officially launching part-time in 2008, Corral Consulting became Richard’s full-time career in 2010 and has since added two business partners and six consultants.

Richard envisions Corral Consulting as a firm that provides the distinct experience, expertise and relationships needed to reveal business strategies that optimize both financial growth and social impact. Corral Consulting has cultivated lucrative business opportunities for clients in corporate, government, private and nonprofit sectors by identifying and addressing their special needs in communications, community engagement, evaluation, fundraising, policy, research, education & training, and organizational management.

Corral Consulting continues to assist businesses across all sectors, particularly those that serve minority and at-risk communities, thereby promoting diversity and social change.




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