Innovative Fundraising Plays Important Role at Funding Our Futures Retreat

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In April 2014, Corral Consulting proudly participated in Funding Our Futures, a four day long retreat in Harpers Ferry, Maryland hosted by The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  The event aimed to build the fundraising skills and capacity of LGBT people of color and was attended by 15 LGBT fundraisers working at nonprofits throughout the nation. The Task Force acknowledges that inclusiveness is essential to the LGBT equality movement’s success and strategically designed Funding Our Futures to enhance the visibility, effectiveness, and voice of LGBT people of color by building their fundraising skills.

The Task Force contracted Corral Consulting to facilitate a day’s worth of activities that focused on fundraising.  The first part of the day was dedicated to strategic planning and all attendees produced logic models that clearly illustrate their program’s resources, activities, and intended impact. The second part of the day focused on harnessing the inherent assets and strengths of each organization to drive decision making around fundraising.  Attendees developed and shared lists of funding sources specific to each organization’s unique strengths and assets.  At the end of the day, everyone left with a whole new list of funding sources as well as tools to assist with grant writing and scheduling.

Lex Kennedy, Funding Our Futures attendee and Artistic Creator of Me&MyBois, discusses the many benefits of the retreat, “Richard hooked us up with tools and language that enabled us to map out our production logic model to secure finishing funds for our documentary.”  In addition, “He assisted us with formulating stock language that we could use when applying for different grants for the documentary.  Richard broke it down for us in a completely accessible manner that was not only informative but useful for our fundraising goals.”

“Working with the Task Force and Funding Our Futures was a rewarding experience for both personal and professional reasons”, reflects Corral Consulting’s CEO and principal consultant Richard Corral.  “As a member of both the LGBT and Latino communities, I understand the need for skill building, especially around fundraising, and its centrality to the success of LGBT people of color leaders and the LGBT movement as a whole.  I’m impressed and thankful to the Task Force for working to address this need.”

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force was founded in 1974 and works to build the power of the LGBT community by training activists, organizing broad-based campaigns to defeat anti-LGBT referenda and advance pro-LGBT legislation, and by building the organizational capacity of the LGBT movement.  For more information please contact (202) 393-5177.

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