Garvey Court Offers Health and Wellness to Low Income Senior Community

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Domus DevelopmentBeginning January 2010, Domus Development contracted Corral Consulting to aid in the planning and development of Garvey Court, an affordable housing complex for low income seniors. Located along Garvey Avenue in El Monte, CA, Garvey Court is a county and federally subsidized redevelopment of a formerly vacant lot and is the first wellness focused housing for low income residents in LA County.

Corral Consulting initiated the project by facilitating a series of community forums to identify local health and wellness needs as well as researched innovative health and wellness programming.  Guided by the information collected, Corral Consulting facilitated local service providers to collaboratively plan, budget, finance and manage a Wellness Center and Federally Qualified Health Center at Garvey Court.

The Health and Wellness Center at Garvey Court (The Center) partners the site’s developer, Domus Development, with local service providers such as the Community Health Alliance of Pasadena, Cleaver Family Wellness Clinic and Tzu Chi Medical Foundation. The Center offers enhanced and coordinated health and wellness services to Garvey Court’s residents as well as to the surrounding community and works to address the health needs of a medically under served area while alleviating the financial strain on county health programs.

 Garvey CourtThe developer of Garvey Court, Jason Hobson, explains his initial obstacles and the role Corral Consulting played in bringing this project from development to completion.  “My challenge was bringing a team to provide comprehensive services to the low income residences of Garvey Court.  Corral Consulting assessed the needs of the residents and the surrounding community, convened a team to meet those needs, and developed a service plan and an operating budget for the facility.  Corral Consulting was able to align the interest and visions of a lot of different stake holders.”

“I consider the Center at Garvey Court to be one of our signature projects” said Corral Consulting’s CEO and Principal Consultant, Richard Corral, “…it offers an innovative and sustainable model to improve community health and well being by partnering low-income housing developers with the expertise and resources of local of health and wellness providers. Moreover, the partnership was developed and sustained by leveraging public funding from the LA Homeless Services Authority with private contributions from Domus Development and the California Community Foundation’s Community Building Initiative.”

Visit Domus Development’s website for more information on Garvey Court or other facilities.

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